Saturday, October 29, 2016

namanya Sagwa II

I was rereading my older posts and came across an entry of how miss nasyrah meets her first cat. Mew

And suddenly i feel like continuing that story. So we stopped at me finding sagwa back after praying and she was nowhere to be found. How did i find her back? Jengjenggg. In all honesty, i dont quite remember.  Hahaa. i think my friend saw her outside and kept her in a box up in our house. Though i remember thinking like wow this must be fate.

So you see, it's human nature to forget memories
But its also human nature to remember feelings
You can forget memories but you don't forget how you feel
and if you do remember, sometimes how you were feeling or what you were thinking about at that certain moment is more profound than the memory itself

Like i might forget how exactly my world and Sagwa's world collided
But i remember that she felt heavy sleeping over my blanket and i can't move because i'm that kind of owner who does anything for my cat and will make sure she's not disturbed sleeping and i felt safe and protective under my blankie
And i remember that i felt dependent on a kitty that if i was feeling down the first thing i want to find and play with is her hoping that she would make me feel better and forget about the world a while

I remember thinking what a weird cat i got cos her favourite food was bread (always ruining ppls packet of xleb) and ikra (always came running whenever i opened the jar)
I remember waking up with a cat licking my hair

I remember how sad i was to let her go and i let her go outside the house and she got scared of other kitties and climbed straight up a tree and was never seen again

I remember i loved her
And i miss that.



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