Friday, July 31, 2009

missing someone

I really don't see why I'm doing this. Cause I have oh-so-many ex(s) to work this with. Not. =.=

You have to answer the survey with an honest heart.

An honest heart will give you good luck for the entire

year. You may imagine of one people or

maybe some people not only one.

Answer it, "What if your ex says" referring to you!!!

1. Why did you let me go?

- I was scared

2. I still love you

- Me too

3. When did we last talk?

- 6 years ago

4. Will you go out with me?

- Mm-hm

6. I cannot keep my promise to you.

- Why? sighs

7. My friends say we don't look good together..

- So does mine

8. You have changed!

- Yes I have

9. Can we get back together?

- I hope so

10. Oh, I know what this is all about. You found someone else.

- Nope

11. Don't you realize? You are the one who hurt me!

- I'm sorry

12. how can u forget our memories??

- I...did?

13. I will always love you.

- uh-huh

14. Would you die for our love?

- Let's not die, shall we

15. You jump, i jump..remember?

- .......

16. Kiss me to break the curse if i sleep for a hundred years.

- *sheesh. I feel like the questions are getting stupid-er*

17. Whats the difference between me and Him/Her.

- Lots

18. I saw you last night with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

- He's not my boyfriend

19. Without me, your life wouldn't be complete.

- I hope the same applies to you

20. Why are you doing this to me?

- Urm..what?

Sighs. The few precious minutes of my time. And yours. Wasted. ;p

I hate pills. I really do.

So we had about one week of holiday due to H1N1. Yes, yes everyone knows that. I'm not so good with updates, am I? =P

For most, this week is a blessing from above as it gave us all a chance to go back to our hometowns and meet back with family and friends, thus inevitably cure our homesickness.
Besides that, it is also a chance for us to catch-up with our studies and finish the bulging amount of assignments that had yet to be completed.

Homesickness? Cured.
Assignments? Mm-hm.

I wish I could get all jumpy and say I've completed all the work that was to be done, thanks to chocolate wafer sticks (cause they do taste better than strawberry ;p). On the contrary, I have done the complete opposite which is...doing nothing. Mm-hm.

I am ashamed to say that I've only just opened my bag yesterday and took out my Physics notes and exercises to study and prepare for my quiz. And that lasted for about...2 hours? Or is that too much of an exxageration? Uh-huh.

This house is really making me lazy, for reasons yet to be discovered. Let's discover them, shall we?
Hmm...I've been sleeping a LOT. I think it's because this house has a lot of really comfortable sleeping 'spots'. I go down and I can choose to lie on the sofa or the furry rug or the bed inside the guest room. I go to my room and of course my lovely pink bed is seducing me. I go to my parent's room and an even bigger and more luscious bed is flirting.
Haha I think it's starting to sound weird now.
And thus, the soporific effect of my home. =D

And I think the demam I had also contributes to this laziness. I blame this on the disgusting pills I am forced to consume, cos I hate 'em cos I suspect there's something inside 'em that produces these bad side effects.

Bla di bla. I'm sure I could go on and on about the factors of my laziness but my conscience is telling me to stop being all whiny and accept the fact that I've been lazy out of my own doing. I'm sure Mr. Conscience is right. He's ALWAYS right.

I'm lazy and I still have a lot of work to do, mmg padan muke sy. :p

Now, excuse me, I'm going to see if I can self-transport myself to nabila's house and steal some of her rajin-ness.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lessons learned

Over the weekend, I've learnt that:

- More than 12 hours of sleep results in a headache you'd rather not have =.=
- The laundry must be washed regularly, else you would spend your lovely, precious, free weekend washing your clothes =.='
- You should finish all your work and studies before deciding to go out with your cousin the whole day =.="

Most importantly, I learned that I should not repeat the above mistakes :p

A little love note to my dearest housemates: sayang semua! =D