Sunday, May 30, 2010

nasyrah, kuatkanlah hatimu,,

you've been through this before,
it's just another little phase you need to get over with,
perhaps it's a teeny-meeny bit harder now, the situation a little different,
but that only means you are on to the next stage,
you'll get through this

working very, very, very hard towards it
and then, leave it for Allah
if he wills it.
you have to work hard first.

use it wisely.

jgn sbb nak sedapkan hati je ucap insyaAllah.
xnak pergi gathering? nak sedapkan hati penganjur, cakap insyaAllah pergi? padahal xnak pergi pun?
don't abuse the use of 'insyaAllah'

so nasyrah,
work hard for it!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

memujuk hati

dear hati,

you were so fragile before
but now you are so much stronger

stay strong!
: )