Monday, September 14, 2009

On Sunday...

I woke up late ;D

Helped Ibu cooked 3 different dishes, which was an eye-opener ;D;D

Felt a little raya-spirited today so I offered to take down the curtains and urged everyone to go paint our pagar outside that has been left unpainted since last year =.=

Suddenly missed our unofficial cat. Weird. I usually hate that cat. Called out its unofficial name. And it actually came xD

Someone by the same name of that cat called me on the telephone haha.

Played with the cat while talking on the telephone and watching my bro n sis played with paint.

Should've known that I couldn't concentrate on 3 things at once. Did something that must had been unacceptable to that cat. Officially earned a little 'souvenir' from it!

Curses. Hated the cat for a while. Thinking of giving it a little 'makeover'. *evilgrin.paintingshouldbefun.evilgrin*

Decided otherwise. No, not because I accepted my mistake and apologised to the cat. Really, no.

Blamed the whole situation on the person who called me. Hahakk =P

Azan. Ate quickly. Really in need of a shower =D

Terawih at the usual masjid. Felt a little sentimental. Will I get to go to this same masjid for the coming Ramadhans?

Back home. Had fun merepek-repek with bro and sis.
Really am gonna miss them <3

Internet time! Courteously asked bro n sis to leave xD

A friend asked for help. Happily offered it =D

Phone rang. Weird and interesting convo. Wondered if we could still have these types of convo's in the coming years.

AND I won a game of 'o-som'!
Yay me!


  1. dlm idop nie..aku pecaya sape yg suke kucing ialah org yg ko org yg pnyayg..aku pulak totally x suke

  2. wahhh ko puji ak ke ney. huu yay! =D mai xyah syg kucing. syg org je hehe