Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If I'd made little cards & distributed them to everyone..

..then maybe these are what they would've said :)

*the following list are in random order

thanx mun..for helping me out on the first day and the following weeks that were coming. You were one of the 1st friends I'd made in INTEC. N I really like your happy-go-lucky style. Huu eventho ur 'kecik' but ur like a bomb. BOOM!

thanx izzati..for always being so 'semangat' no matter what comes. I really enjoyed listening to ur silly stories, night and day.
xyah lebey2, cu in volgo! haha

thanx ming yan..who's just so cool about everything. Exams or no exams, ur just so cool haha. Thx for helping out in Physics and Russian and all sorts. I think ur just so cool! :D N so humorous. So glad to have known and befriended u. Gudluck in Niznhy!

thanx ida..for being sooo happy, happy, happy! Everytime i see u, no matter how sad or moody i am, i just get soo happy hehe. N u always know when something's wrong, thx for taking such good care of me. Spread the happiness, love!

thanx meera..for being such a great husband?? haha lolz kidding2. bt xtually, the 1st time i saw u, i fell in love with u at once haha =P. You always have something to say and I enjoyed our crappings' together. Looking forward to see u in Volgo again!

thanx nabila(without a 'h')..for listening to my pathetic stories, for understanding how pathetic i can be sometimes haha. I can always relate to you *WINKWINK* keep strong!

thanx azly..for being friendly when i first entered INTEC, for helping out those 1st few days. Glad to have known u n i'll see u in Volgo :)

thanx hanis..for the sarcastic remarks u always made =P. Honestly..i've never met anyone like u.

thanx ikhwan..for simply being u :) hehe

thanx amirul..for helpin' out in Russian, for all those stories and dialogues u let me read. Kat Volgo xbole da uuu :|

thanx reuben..for all those nice chatters. I really, really enjoyed your presence. Next time someone try to pretend to be me again, be sure to tell me k haha

thanx hasnol..for without u, i'm not sure how ikhwan would be hehe. We were never really close in class but i think u are a great guy. n i really enjoyed your presentation in Islamic Studies :D

thanx nazri..for also spreading your happiness. I like the way u laugh, how u always get so jumpy in class heh2. Sorry for not recognizing u as 1 of my classmates the 1st time we met.

thanx shaun..cause i think u are really funny :D and have a great attitude. Haven't gotten to get to know u really well - which is such a shame huu - but wishing u all the best in Nizhny!

thanx amzar..for being so cute haha. With your funny remarks and witty comments, really who could resist this Kelantanese haha ;p

thanx azizi..cause to put it simply, i think you are such a gentleman ;D

thanx prakash..for always having something to say ahakx. Adoii ko memang xleh duduk diam haha but in truth, i really do enjoyed ur presence hehe. Do take care of my dear insyirah in Niznhy.

thanx azri..for being so enjoyable, for those memories =) all the way from that BI presentation up until now ^^

Thankyou Ekaterina Anatolivna! I think you are the best Russian lecturer in the whole wide world! <3

for fellow housemates, some whom I might not see for a long, long timee..

thanx wah..for those late-night chatters haha sbb our housemates suke tido awal kan hehe. Ak ske sikap ko yg rilekkx je huu n ur blog, keep it updated k!

thanx fatin..for being so cute haha. ko mmg comel, ckp lam tefon comel, gelak comel, sume comel huu. ko jgn lupe kt nasyrah yg baek ney tw haha.

thanx insyirah..UUUU CMNE KO LEH WAT AK SYG GLE KT KO?? huu how sad that we won't get to be roomates in russia :( ko mmg pandai berlakon n sentiasa wat ak gelak. Ur just so innocent haha. I really am gonna MISS YOU <3

thanx to all lecturers and staffs and other friends i've not the time to mention in INTEC for those enjoyable and unforgettable moments!

I've only been around 2months++ in INTEC but I feel like I've bonded with ALL OF YOU for life. LOVE YOU! <3

And at the end of each of these little cards, there my name would be signed..



  1. wahh panjangnye haha sy mmg bole beat ezati klu cmney

  2. ok, kali ni nasyu menang!!
    knp name aku last??

  3. *the list are in random order

    knp nme ko last? alas, the complexity of the universe! ;p

    pnat tw ak wat bnde ney. bpe jam nk siap ha2

  4. ak syg la kat ko bella. sgt333 syggg...<3