Wednesday, December 29, 2010

xdela xok

hahahahaha i like the 1st one xD

hurm, i do sometimes realised that i do get a little teensy-weensy bit emo n moody at times
n i do get a little teensy-weensy bit stressed n out of place
n i guess i sound pretty annoyed

:S sorry..
if i sounded harsh
or made any of u feel a little hurt
i didnt mean it
it's just, sumtimes
sumtimes, i accidentally pop bubbles
n i guess it sorta burst
*pop pop pop*
i know i burst sumtimes n let it out on u guys
sorry :/

penah x rase mcm menantikan satu berita yg buruk?
n preparin for it?
i shouldnt feel this way rite..
cos i might as well pray for the best
but subconsciously, u automatically feel that way
penah ke?
i feel like..
im waiting for something worth to cry about
that sounded so kejam BELIEVE ME
tapi kenape rase mcm tu eh
mcm Tuhan nak bagi dugaan
to prepare myself for something BIG
why do i feel that way eh
maybe He's trying to let me know there are other things to focus on

other things to think about
am i complicating my situation?

perhaps now's not the time yet
i don't know if i'll wait
but as of right now
i'm waiting

didn't understand a word?
even i'm trying to figure myself out

pssst: terexplore gmba 1st yr dlu. lawak GILEEEEEEEE hahahahaha sdey pn ade uhu


  1. nahhh...i dont feel liek trying to figure anything out

  2. hello? nasyrah, are u talking sorang-sorang? pssykoooooo!!

  3. nasy, ble ko post short = xphm

    ble ko post panjang2 = xphm gak

    adoi, n your "ahakx3??" finally u found perfect syllables to sound you cough-cum-laugh right.. HAHAHA!!!

    cheer up, ups and downs..
    we are in this together.. :)

    pergh, lmbt gler ak tgk post nih, patotla ko jdikan sagwa as the fool! adeh..