Monday, August 9, 2010

let's let my alter ego play and we can rule the world

you know what sucks? holding grudges, yeahh, or taking everything for so much more than it means, like being over sensitive and taking everything to the heart when you shouldnt be, and getting too close, just a little too close that you feel like your quiet little life is being really disturbed by um being too close

you just feel like shutting yourself to the world

what's a more killing fact is that you know this is really nothing and you should just let it go and get on with your life and you are just getting fussy and annoyed over nothing, nothing really

and what if doing things that maybe seem to make you happy turns out to be quite unhealthy?

and why bubbles?

YAY for alter ego for not making sense
; D


  1. YAY means "yeay??" i mean, like "hooraey??"
    atau lain?

  2. haha usually it means YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY happy3

    bt in this case, hmm maybe just sarcasm? *shrug*
    or a happy sarcasm?

    i think it was sarcasm at first
    bt then i felt happy, hence the ;D emoticon


  3. nays, finally i understood this post.
    sure it was deeeeeeep enough..

    but stil, why bubbles???