Sunday, June 27, 2010

hari ini hari sedih

so I've finished my chemistry exam today, which went pretty well hihi alhamdulillah.

i also realized a saddening news.
i've thought about a lot of things. how the world is coming to. how it will affect my adek2.
i think i had a misunderstanding with a friend.
i had a spirit lifted. i had a spirit crushed.
i feel like i'm losing everything i've loved. yet i am gaining things i love even more.
i feel like i'm losing you. but at least i am not losing You.

so even though today is a sad day, it still makes me happy

Allah memasukkan dukacita dalam hati, untuk mengampunkan dosa2mu : )


  1. La tahzan dear..

    Whatever mountains stands in your path,
    Whatever obstacle blocks your way,
    Whatever difficulty immobilized you,
    The prayer full of faith can remove it..
    and the love spread due to Him can be felt by your surroundings..

    :) Ibu

  2. suka dgn last sentences,, cool!
    dan sgt bmkna.