Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm quite a reserved person so blogging is really not my thing (who'd want to read it anyway??=p). But since this is compulsary for English...there's a first for everything I suppose? So here goes..

*gee, I don't know what to write about*

11 days in INTEC and life is....
full of surprises?
awfully hectic and TIRING? xD

To be honest, I'm really, really happy to be here. First of all, so grateful that I got the scholarship. Second and most importantly, the peeps here are so awesome! Maybe because there are only a few of us so I really feel a sense of closure with the people here. And I love my class! Let's see...Meera, Ming Yan, Izzati, Nabilah, Ida, Munirah, Hasnol, Ikhwan, Reuben, Shawn, Prakash, Azizi, Amirul, Hanis, Azri, Amzar, Azly, Nazri (APOLOGIES to those if I've spelt your name wrong!). They're such fun and friendly classmates to have and I'm glad. =)

Haha I had to learn 3 weeks of Russian Language in 3 days (gag if you want to ;p). I'm trying my UTMOST HARDEST to catch up with the group though in class, there are a few times where I'll get so blurry and my face would go like this: o.O while my brain tries to compute and interpret what Mdm. Ekaterina had just said and screaming "What did she just say?" in the inside, all at the same time =p. Then, have to keep asking questions to those around me about the meanings of thisword and thatword. And I feel so bad after asking so many questions =.=.
And I've been studying a lot of Russian Language that I sometimes forget that I also have to catch up with the other subjects. Like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Russian History, English and Pen. Islam. Chemistry seems okay but there are a lot to revise for Biology and Physics. English is relaxing and fun. I had to act (me acting??0.O) as a doctor yesterday in English which was nerve-wrecking (cause we had to be the first one =.=) but I just went with the flow of my excellent partner. It was enjoyable too, since all the groups have different styles, so funny-lah =D.
AND did I mention I already have 3 assignments (for now), a presentation due next week, a roleplay and a test!

Life is wonderful. xD

P/s: THANKYOU to all teachers and friends for helping me to adapt to a new life in INTEC. =)

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